Tom's Land Rover Defender 90 300Tdi Station Wagon - Off-Road:

Driffield Show (12 May 07):

I had lots of fun around the off road course, spending almost a full day on it with my family and Emily's.






This was a tricky bit, soft mud and a rut leading you away from the exit, even my new and very impressive Insa Turbo's struggled but I made it eventually.



Very muddy and a cracked headlight, not bad. :>



North Yorkshire Off Road (July 06 - April 07):

I've made a few trips here recently with varying degrees of success:

Finally we had a fun days play with the truck full of Me, Emily, Emily's 2 sisters, and a miscellaneous boyfriend. Amazingly we came away with only grins, mud, a mechanically sound 90 and more mud.

At Christmas Emily arranged for us to spend a weekend at Robin Hoods Bay with two days off-roading at N. Y. Off Road. We had a great fun playing in the mud and doing lots of winching to retrieve stuck vehicles the best of which was a Toyota on road tyres stuck at the bottom of the hill where I bent the track rod in mud which could only not be called blamange because it was more slippery. The second day was spent exploring the area then back to the site for more muddy fun. There were fewer people this time but there were some lads throwing two Zuks around. We steered well clear of them, until later we found one which had been piloted down a near vertical gorge without thought and wad teetering on its bumper waiting to topple. We offered help but when lead to a very weak track and asked to winch their Zuk back up the slope whilst my heavy 90 was sat in jelly on a side slope, I had to decline. Having been lead up the track I had not surveyed the track before driving... big mistake; there was no passable way ahead and no turning place. I tried to turn at an intersection to be able to drive forwards back down the way I came but managed to get out of the ruts and sliding sideways down the very long steep hillside. It stopped when the left hand wheels were in the right hand ruts and I ordered Emily out of the truck 'NOW if you please?!'. I took stock of the situation and decided to try to reverse up the hill and back into the ruts but with Emily firmly out of the truck. Eventually after 10 mins of spinning tyres and gut wrenching lurches I had it back safely in the ruts, I had however 'boiled' my power steering fluid. It spat allot of it out anyway. Owen kindly topped me up and we enjoyed the rest of the days play. Another lesson learned though... don't follow reckless Zuk drivers up tracks to winch their hopeless effort back from oblivion unless you know you can get down again.

I went back with my dad again soon after and had a great time until at the very bottom of the site I landed at the bottom of a long and steep hill with my front wheels taking me in different and unrelated directions:

 All due to my inexperience; I had caught my right front wheel on the bank on the way down and it had bent the track rod to 90 degrees.


 Anyway I had my tools (learned that lesson early) and removed the track road to drag it up to the house where the very helpful Owen who runs the site helped sledgehammer it into shape before re-fitting and limping home again.

First time I went with my father, but without a working alternator... Fool! I know. Drove around quite successfully for a while exploring this fantastic off road site then the inevitable happened: I stalled it. Luckily there were some very helpful guys there that day, particularly the Discovery Club who tried to jump start me but when that failed they used a V8 range rover to bump start me up a hill. I said taa very much and sheepishly went on my way to drive back home in the rain and mist without electricity. I had no lights or brake lights and I had to ration the wipers to 1 wipe every 10 mins, rising to 1 per 5 mins if the corners were blind and the rain had died to make this worthwhile; still the last 10 miles were fun with no wipers at all... Lesson Learned!


Wolds 4x4 Off Road (16th July):

My first 'Proper' off road event, and it was a great fun; got very muddy and only stuck it once... many thanks to the gent in the dark red Range Rover Classic who dragged me out backwards. I went before I had passed my driving test and went with my girlfriend Emily and my dad.

L: A little muddy after our first lap.

R: The view out of the passengers window when wading, a great pic by Emily.


Animation of wading - a slow one to start.

L: Shifting lots of water half way through, not the best technique but with a snorkel and a diesel engine I thought I'd have some fun.

R: A steep slope and the rear end started to overtake a little throttle and sharp steering solved it though.


L: An axle twister and even with dislocation cones and no rear anti-roll bar I lift a wheel, no problem with some momentum and centre diff-lock though.

R: Another steep decent.


L: A surprisingly tricky section; a mud-bath followed by a steep climb with smooth rocks to twist axles and spin wheels, however with speed and power, no problem.


L: Some tracks.

R: A tough climb, at the top all you can see is bonnet and sky; no idea of what lays ahead.


More wading.


Looking pretty with twisted axles.



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