Tom's Land Rover Defender 90

 300Tdi Station Wagon:

Modifications: <Updated>

What I have done to improve my 90 - off road and on.

Off-Road: <Updated>

Pictures and experiences from off-roading events.


Stories of disasters and the many repairs required to keep an off-road 90 on-the-road.


I have joined the Land Rover Addict Forum and answer to Tom300TDi90

The Site:

As you can see; this site is not pretty. Its not meant to be. If you want good graphics go to my band's website. I have created this site to keep a record of my experiences with my Land Rover and to share them with anyone interested.


I am Tom (Thomas Paul James Lambert) and was born on the 4th of May '89. I love Rock music and Motorhead In particular. I am currently studying for an MEng (Masters Degree) in Automotive Engineering at Loughborough University and am living on campus. My truck is incognito somewhere.

The Vehicle:

I bought GWH in May '06 through Ebay from Mark Raine a motorcycle engineer and Land Rover enthusiast who had exchanged it for his Discovery when a friend required a more family-friendly vehicle. Mark included in the sale a Steering Guard, five 235/85R16 Mud Terrains on steel wheels, Rock Sliders, Dislocation Cones, Wading Plugs and also a bonnet, wing and front panel to repair previous damage.

Vehicle History:

(Please email me if you can help me with more info)

'06    -    Bought by me

'04-'05    -    Exchanged for Discovery

'03-'05    -    Small Collision with a bailing fork on the front of a tractor pulling out of a side road.

'02-'03    -    New Colour (Metallic Charcoal)

'97-?    -    Rebuilt to '97 County Station Wagon specification with new engine, gearbox, running gear, chassis, panels etc.

'89    -    Built as a brown/beige 90 pick-up

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